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Eddie Lui

Eddie Lui is a visual artist and visual art consultant lives and works in Hong Kong. His artworks include contemporary ink art, ceramic sculpture, collage painting, graphic art, and three-dimensional design.


Past Exhibition
2023 - Synergy


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75 products

A Beehive
Eddie Lui
A Beehive Sale priceHK$2,600
A Hill in the Hometown
Sold outA Waterdrop
Eddie Lui
A Waterdrop Sale priceHK$2,800
At Ease
Eddie Lui
At Ease Sale priceHK$8,000
August Teapot Shiwan China
Sold outBamboo Vase
Eddie Lui
Bamboo Vase Sale priceHK$2,600
Beyond the Landscape
Eddie Lui
Beyond the Landscape Sale priceHK$223,000
Birdie Pot
Eddie Lui
Birdie Pot Sale priceHK$2,600
Eddie Lui
Blooming Sale priceHK$8,000
Ceramic Open Cups in wooden tray
Sold outCeramic Round Cups (set of 2)
Ceramic Small Cups in wooden tray
Sold outCeramic Yin & Yan Cups (set of 2)
Eddie Lui
Cocoon Sale priceFrom HK$6,000
Display Shelf (No.1)
Eddie Lui
Display Shelf (No.1) Sale priceHK$12,000
Display Shelf (No.2)
Eddie Lui
Display Shelf (No.2) Sale priceHK$10,000
Family Crest
Eddie Lui
Family Crest Sale priceHK$223,000
Sold outFire Column
Eddie Lui
Fire Column Sale priceHK$3,000
Eddie Lui
Fire+Earth Sale priceHK$3,000
Sold outGlazed Drinkware (set of 2)
Glazed Stoneware Tea Bowls (set of 2)
Golden-Thread Tea BenchGolden-Thread Tea Bench
Sold outHand-painted Ceramic Drinkware Set 1
Sold outHand-painted Ceramic Drinkware Set 2
Sold outHand-painted Ceramic Drinkware Set 4
Eddie Lui
Hibernating Sale priceHK$3,000
Inherited Benefits
Eddie Lui
Inherited Benefits Sale priceHK$223,000
Inside Out
Eddie Lui
Inside Out Sale priceHK$50,000
Sold outJar of Joy
Eddie Lui
Jar of Joy Sale priceHK$3,000
July Teapot Shiwan China
June Teapot Shiwan China
Landscape Forever
Eddie Lui
Landscape Forever Sale priceHK$5,800
Large Water Jar
Eddie Lui
Large Water Jar Sale priceHK$3,600
Light & Fire
Eddie Lui
Light & Fire Sale priceHK$2,800
Lohan 1/108
Eddie Lui
Lohan 1/108 Sale priceHK$3,000
Lohan 2/108
Eddie Lui
Lohan 2/108 Sale priceHK$3,000